Product Care

Eye pillow use and care

Linen and cotton are naturally hypoallergenic. Unfortunately this product is not suitable for people who may suffer from an allergic reaction to lavender.  

Avoid getting the inner pillow wet – regular washing is not advised. To remove stains you can try gently dabbing with a damp cloth and if needed mild detergent or a little soap. Take care not to soak the cotton lining as it is important to keep the filling dry. If necessary, remove inner pillow carefully, shaking to shift the filling towards the opening.  

If stains persist or for general hygiene purposes, the linen cover can be washed in a washing machine at 30C or lower, using mild detergent. To place the inner pillow back into the cover, gently push the far side through, with most of the filling shifted to the near side. Once tucked in, shake to distribute evenly.  

The Intui Bliss Eye Pillow can be used at room temperature or, alternatively, can be cooled. Depending on preference, fridge and freezer are both suitable. An hour in the freezer will get it as cool as you will ever need it to be. If cooling the eye pillow, please take care to avoid moisture by placing inside packaging box, a plastic cover or a similar dry enclosure.

The eye pillow contains dried lavender that creates a gentle, calming fragrance. This scent may wear off over time - keeping the pillow inside the packaging or a closed container will slow down this process.

If you would like to make it fragrant again, we suggest adding a few drops of an essential oil of your choice to the inner pillow. Make sure the drops are applied on the side used away from the face, as essential oils can cause skin and eye irritation.

Candle use and safety

Our candle range is made from 100% Natural Wax from soy and rapeseed, with fragrances exclusively from Essential Oils.

The 30CL glass candles have an approximate burn time of 55 hours and the 10CL travel tins have an approximate burn time of 22 hours.

We recommend a first burn of approximately 4 hours, or until the wax has melted over entire surface. This will make it more likely to use up all the wax and get more hours out of your candle.

Though unlikely, a mushroom cap may appear on a burning wick. If the wick mushrooms we recommend trimming it as this may cause smoke or affect the flame.

Never leave a candle unattended while burning. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always leave a minimum of 10cm between burning candles. Keep away from flammable materials and drafts. Trim wick to 5mm whenever necessary before lighting.  

Make sure the wax surface is always clear to prevent the flame from extending. Never use liquids to extinguish.

For safety information of specific candles regarding substances please feel free to contact